Serving Hawaii's Big Island since 1997, Nicholson designs, builds and manages the creation of high quality luxury homes in the most exclusive locations on the Big Island.


About Us

Nicholson’s work can be found in communities such as Kukio, Kaupulehu, 49 Black Sand Beach, Pauoa, Kahakai Estates, Kona Vistas and other fine communities along the Kona Coast.

Nicholson is a full service provider of design, construction, and project management. Its certified design team offers clients the opportunity to work with one contractor from start to finish.  Nicholson sets the tone for every project by providing unparalleled supervision and project management. Throughout construction, Nicholson’s professional staff addresses every concern and detail that owners may have during the construction process, while complying with the project documents.

The end result is an extremely well constructed project with superb quality. Because Nicholson is adherent to schedule and budget, an owner can expect a sense of reward and satisfaction for having selected Nicholson as the preferred licensed general contractor. 


Teamwork allows us to enjoy the journey as we do what we do. We believe construction is not just about what we are building, buthow we develop your project. Looking for ways to improve our systems and procedures is an ongoing process. If mistakes do occur, they are corrected right away because client satisfaction is our priority.


Our approach to constructing a project is quite simple: be efficient, well planned, smart working, and as thorough as possible. We take complete stewardship over the responsibilities empowered to us. We strive to develop a personal working relationship with the owner and any professionals they have retained. Trust and accountability in all that we do is paramount.

As General Contractor, we set the direction for the project by providing unparalleled supervision and project management. Throughout construction, we address every concern and detail the owners may have, all while complying with the project documents. The end result: an extremely well constructed project with tremendous quality.



Winton Nicholson
General Contractor



“It is rare to encounter a builder that truly loves and understands his craft; Winton combines artisan quality with modern scheduling and technology…. If you are looking for a true craftsman who will move mountains to fulfill promises, choose Winton Nicholson and his company.” 



"Winton Nicholson is very professional, creative, and a pleasure to work with. He believes in truly taking care of his client and willing to do what it takes to make their dream come true. I have worked with Winton personally while needing a second opinion on a project. After hearing what we were looking to do with a very unique project, his advice and suggestions were spot on to what we were looking for and gave us the ability to continue to move forward in designing this project. We look forward to working with him in the future."



“Nicholson built our home on the Island of Hawaii and although we never met face to face until the construction started he and his team were great to work with. They completed the milestones along the 18 month journey. We had very good communication during the process and he constantly sent pictures and progress reports before the payments were made…. He and his team were always there when you needed something. It was good to know he was local and would be around long after the project was completed. I would highly recommend Nicholson for a construction project.”



"In 2005, Winton Nicholson built my home on my one acre lot in Ka'u, Big Island, a work that started from planning stage to finish. He helped customize my home plans, contributed great design ideas, submitted all plans for approval to the County and all required permits. All underground utilities, structural, architectural and landscaping was completed with the time expected and cost shown up front. This made moving in much easier and without worries. Thanks to Winton for all the efficient, detailed work."

-Mr. and Mrs. Campbell


“It isn’t enough to do the right thing once or make a first impression. Our satisfaction came from an on-going daily delivery of all your personal and professional support. You are the best! We are so grateful for the relationship we have developed over the past years and the quality of work is absolutely top-notch.”

Joanne and Emmet Cashin
Pauoa Beach Lot #38